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Open G Tuning eBook

The Open-G-Tuning eBook is now available at www.12times12.com.

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The PDF eBook Open G Tuning shows on over 200 pages everything you need for playing guitar in the Open G Tuning. With 630 chords, numerous scales and information about intervals and fretboard-orientation in Open G.
A lot of material to create your own sounds and licks.

Short info

  • For beginners and advanced
  • For electric and acoustic guitar
  • Explained mainly on the fretboard
  • Numerous chords
  • Many scales
  • Can be used anywhere on laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.

The Open-G-Tuning eBook is now available at www.12times12.com.

The topics in the book

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From Standard-Tuning to Open G

The first chapter deals first with the conversion from Standard-Tuning to Open G. Here the changed basic tuning is explained, there are tips for dealing with the changed tuning and first chords to get a feeling for this tuning.


Chapter 2 deals with the orientation of the fretboard, i. e. the positions of the notes on the fretboard and where octaves or notes of the same pitch can be found.


The 3rd chapter offers information about intervals in Open G and shows how to remember the positions of the intervals.

Open chords in the key of G

In the next chapters we will first deal with open chords with the root note G. Here you will find more than 250 chords, sometimes only gripped with 1 or 2 fingers.

Open chords in the key of D

After the G-chords, more than 130 open chords with the key not D are shown. For all chord types there is information on the respective chord structure.

Moveable chords in Open G

The last chapter on chords shows over 250 universally usable chords, i. e. chords without empty strings. These can be played with any keynote and cover the spectrum of most music styles.

Scales in Open G

After the chords you will find in the next 5 chapters the scales major, minor, major-pentatonic, minor-pentatonic and the blues scale. All these scales are represented in Open G with the key notes G, A, C, D and E. In addition, there is information about the interval structures for each scale.


Finally, variations in tuning, such as the minor tuning, are shown.


The Open-G-Tuning eBook is now available at www.12times12.com.

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